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JackSmith 2

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Compared to first part the JackSmith already adventurous and interesting flash game, the JackSmith 2 adds more to challenges and skillful play. The complexity and creativity for weapons have increased, making the gameplay somehow difficult. However, maneuvering through the difficult obstacles, in blacksmithing, makes the game one you should have to try. With newer raw materials and bigger weapons to design, game JackSmith 2 is just awesome. The gameplay is quite easy, your work, as Jack Smith is to make armor for some battle. The game provides raw materials that you should assemble and make a complete weapon. Different weapons will be useful for different purposes and the suitability depends on how you assemble the weapon. While starting, the weapons are much simpler due to the nature of components.

Just as the normal blacksmith uses manual skills to assemble armor, you will have to do some similar job. Melting and molding to fit the sizes of the weapons will depend on your skills and experience. In addition, you have a time deadline to beat, failure to which the mission will fail. The trick is to create a foundation that will have quality fittings and enhanced functionality.

Jack Smith 2 Missions And Challenges.

All the weapons are to be used by your army for the battle. This means that you are the mastermind of any mission that the army will engage in. In every expedition, the main target is the Great Wizard Dudley, and it will never be easy to get to it. As the mastermind of the battles, you should borrow skills and fighting tactics from the opponent, for use in the next battle.

Time is always an important factor in JackSmith 2 game. You should assemble a weapon, sword for instance, in the fastest but accurate way. This calls for quick creativity and accuracy while constructing any weapon. Of course, you need a prepared army, if you are to win battles and unlock new missions. Each mission will present a new and tougher squad and therefore will require you to keep upgrading the weapons and tact of fighting. With each win comes some bonuses and unlocking of new blacksmith materials, so enjoy JackSmith 2 flash game for free.

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